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Custom designed therapeutic nightwear

Don't lose sleep over lymphedema. Simply slide on your TributeNight™ custom designed therapeutic nightwear garment and go to bed. TributeNight™ custom garments are made with foam technology combined with our microfiber fabric that is breathable, wickable and provides thermal release to keep your patients comfortable throughout the night.

To simplify measuring for our 100% custom TributeNight™ nighttime compression garments, we have created videos for your reference when measuring clients for their TributeNight™ garments.

Watch TributeNight™ measuring videos!

Sleep Well with TributeNight™

TributeNight™ custom designed lymphedema garments are a fundamental part of a successful lymphedema self-management program. TributeNight™ provides unparalleled custom support while you sleep by maintaining gains made in therapy, decreasing treatment time, increasing compliance, treating indurated tissue, allowing for normal sleeping posture, stimulating initial lymphatics, protecting limbs, supporting lax tissue, and more! You can rest assured you're in good hands with TributeNight™.

We've Got Your Custom Covered

When you order a TributeNight™, you're getting a lot more than just a custom designed therapeutic nightwear garment. You'll sleep soundly knowing that every registered TributeNight™ is backed by our industry leading One-Year Warranty and our exclusive "Sure-Fit Guarantee℠". Within two weeks of shipment, if your TributeNight™ doesn't fit like it's supposed to, we'll alter or remake it free of charge)! Since we know that girth reductions can be fairly typical when using TributeNight™ too, all registered TributeNight™ garments also qualify for one free girth reduction within the one year warranty period (unfortunately we're not able to enlarge a garment or alter garments older than one year). Be sure to register your TributeNight™ if you haven't already! Please reach out to our expert Custom Design Center for their consultative service and support for all your custom-made TributeNight™ solutions! The Design Center can be reached at (414) 892-5158 or DesignCenterService@us.LRmed.com, Monday - Friday from 7 AM - 7 PM CST.

Color Your Night with TributeNight™

TributeNight™ owners can now express themselves in vivid colors: Black, Pink, Teal, Maroon, Royal Blue or Purple! Please keep in mind that all monitors display colors differently, so the colors to the right are only approximations. If you would like to receive a sample fabric swatches of our color options, please email us at  inquiries@us.LRMed.com with the shipping information!

Unique People, Unique Design

Every one of our TributeNight™ custom nightwear lymphedema garments begins with the core principles of fluid dynamics and lymphatic stimulation. We are proud to offer you the L&R Custom Design Center Service team. Our Design Center has years of experience and dedication to the lymphedema industry. They are pleased to provide you with a 100% custom designed product to meet your measurements and therepeutic compression. Our TributeNight™ directional flow garments are designed to meet the unique needs of the patient with 100% custom nightwear compression garment to the medical professional's exact specifications to provide a complete nightwear compression solution.

It's in the Details

As a trusted nightwear manufacturer, we commission and utilize sophisticated pressure mapping technology to develop bi-directional flow gradient compression to help maximize therapeutic outcomes. But that's not the only aspect of TributeNight™ garments that have been thoroughly developed; before we've also spent countless hours and conducted numerous tests on virtually every detail, from our unique foam particle blend to our proprietary fabric that supports tissue health by providing moisture and thermal management to keep every TributeNight™ owner cool, dry, and comfortable!

How TributeNight™ Works

The custom designed TributeNight™ foam channels apply directional or bidirectional compression to the tissues, while unique foam particles nestle into the tissue to create localized tissue stretch and pressure differential. This tissue stretch opens the initial lymphatic gaps to encourage re-absorbtion of interstitial fluids and particles. This means that TributeNight™ helps move fluid where it needs to go to prevent swelling throughout the night and maintain gains made in therapy.

Just Your Style

Since each TributeNight™ is custom designed to fit your unique needs, there are thousands of style possibilities and can be made for any body part! For simplicity though, we've divided our TributeNight™ line into four style types: Upper Extremity (Fingertips to Axilla), Lower Extremity (Toes to Groin), Trunk and Torso, and Head and Neck. So no matter where you may have swelling, there's a TributeNight™ for you.

Tiny Tributes

We know that lymphedema isn't limited to adults, so we have developed a special pricing policy exclusively for clients under 14 years of age. A customer may be eligible to receive one free or discounted garment per year based on the patient's age at the time of purchase. For full details about our Tiny Tribute Policy, please call us at (414) 892-5158 or email us at DesignCenterService@us.LRmed.com.

Fields of application

Why use TributeNight™?

  • To maintain reduced fluid volume and shape of upper and lower extremity limbs
  • Management of lymphedema
  • Help soften indurate tissue and help improve circulation.


  • Arterial Insufficeincy or degeneration
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Untreated congestive heart failure
  • Untreated localized or systemic infection
  • Untreated cancer
  • Absent or severaly imparred sensation
  • Severe cognitive impairment
  • Stop use if rash, numbness, or skin color change occurs

Features/ Benefits

  • Eliminates nightly wrapping and help increase patient compliance
  • Stimulate the intial lymphatics and help reduce fibrosis by creating locatlized tissue stretch and pressure differential
  • Machine wash and dry garment
  • Backed by an industry leading One Year Warranty and exclusive SureFit Guarantee
  • Available colors:

    • black
    • maroon
    • pink
    • teal
    • royal blue and
    • our new "purple"

Register Your Tribute

Please register your TributeNight™ garment to activate your 1-year warranty, receive one free garment alteration, expedite customer service, and receive important updates.

Find out more

Measuring Videos

To simplify measuring for our 100% custom TributeNight™ nighttime compression garments, we have created videos for your reference when measuring clients for their TributeNight™ garments.

Watch TributeNight™ measuring videos!