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What drives us

To be Number 1

Outstanding products and concepts are the result of systematic development activities and being attuned to our customers‘ needs. L&R sees itself not only as a manufacturer, but also as a solution provider of forward-looking medical devices. Customers should feel confident that they are always getting the solution that is best for them. Our medical science teams give their all to achieve that end. To make good things even better, to develop and perfect products and solutions together with our customers - this is a vibrant company tradition that is carried on continuously and enthusiastically.

Our employees see themselves as their customers’ partners and selectively seek out dialogue with doctors and nursing staff in hospitals and private practice. Not only are truly practicefriendly product ideas created this way, but it fosters a quality of service that is second to none in the market.

We always stay focused on our objective: To become the preferred solution provider and a reliable partner in the medical devices market.

L&R is represented in more than 80 countries by its own companies.