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Social & Environmental Statement

  • A clear commitment to protecting our environment is an important principle of our entrepreneurial activities. This policy furthers our long-established tradition while improving our competitiveness.
  • Acting in an ecologically sustainable manner starts with product development, includes manufacturing and dispatch and extends to the use and disposal of our products.
  • In all our company divisions we make sure that we use resource-conserving processes and production methods, environmentally friendly materials and logistics that conserve the environment and energy.
  • We take a proactive approach to our responsibilities by systematically optimizing defined areas, involving all employees and working together with clients, suppliers and service providers.
  • We are committed to acting in a socially responsible manner towards our employees, clients, suppliers and society at large.
  • Internationally recognized social, cultural and ethical values, the relevant laws and standards and our internal compliance guidelines form the basis of this commitment. Equal opportunity, regardless of gender, religion, ethnic or social background, is important to us.
  • Providing advancement and additional training opportunities for our employees is a key factor in L&R’s long-term success. Our responsibility towards society also extends to educating and providing advanced training to our clients who come into contact, directly and indirectly, with our products and services.
  • The health and safety of our employees at work, as well as the safety of patients and healthcare professionals when using our products, are a major concern for us.
  • Our attractive traineeships, our rapid assistance in disasters and crises, and the specific support we provide in selected areas of social concern are evidence of our commitment to society.