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The L&R sustainability concept

Thinking about tomorrow‘s generations today

As an enterprise in the healthcare industry, people‘s wellbeing is the L&R Group‘s top priority. We are convinced that principled conduct improves the performance of the entire Group. It helps reduce risk, increase competitive advantages, and reinforce the enterprise‘s reputation. This credo is reflected throughout the company‘s entire management: Socially and ecologically responsible behaviour is a matter of course to us. We are firmly convinced that even the smallest step to preserve or restore our environment is worthwhile. In our company we share the common goal of doing our utmost to protect and preserve the world we live and work in.

Our mission is to develop products that take the wellbeing of humankind and the environment into account as much as our social responsibility and economic success. By working closely with customers, business associates, and environmental experts, we permanently expand the range of our knowledge, thereby encouraging sustainable behaviour.
Adhering to all the laws protecting people and the environment is a basic company principle that has arisen from both our legal and ethical principles. This applies to our products as well as to our procedures and our conduct.

All employees share responsibility for the protection of the people and the environment in their surroundings. All relevant laws and regulations in connection with environmental protection or plant and work safety must all be strictly complied with. The same applies to the Group‘s own internal guidelines and rules.

Every manager is obligated to require and encouragehis or her employees to exercise this responsibility. L&R works continuously above and beyond to improve processes and procedures, to reduce environmental impact and health hazards above and beyond the stipulations laid out by existing law.