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Partnership in action

Values we put into practice: reliability, pragmatism, enthusiasm

To us, a lasting partnership means treating others in a respectful and fair manner. We feel it is our duty focus on customers' long-term satisfaction at all times. Because this is the foundation of our success in business. Our customers rely on us - on the quality of our products and our services. We give our all, and often even more, to justify the trust placed in us.

In our day-to-day work this means:

  • We provide high-quality products, concepts and services

  • We value the best possible reliability in supplying our customers
  • We are competitive internationally
  • We provide ongoing support for optimizing our customers' processes

The customer receives more than high-quality products and concepts as a result: Professional consulting and customer support services provided by experienced medical device advisors and comprehensive training opportunities at L&R training centres - including written and audiovisual training materials.

Genuine partnership - what's important to us

Partnerships are a matter of give-and-take. That's why when working together with suppliers we are as demanding of them as we are of ourselves. Our partners share our convictions and support us in meeting those demands. Our partners work responsibly according to defined standards and like us, appreciate open communication as the basis for successful collaboration. We value these things highly, because the quality of the raw materials, third-party products, components, and services essentially determine the quality of our own products and services.