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Our employees

Our most important asset

More than 3,900 employees work for L&R worldwide – and each and every one of them is also working towards a common goal: to promote and preserve the health of their fellow human beings.

This grand goal is achieved by adding up many individual successes. We put our corporate philosophy into practice day after day. In doing so, fair working conditions, business ethics, responsibility for our environment, and sustainable utilisation of resources are not just empty words, but are an integral part of our daily work and our philosophy. The prerequisite for this is a healthy and safe work environment.

We deliberately invest in the health and safety of our employees and are one of the leading companies in the industry in this regard. We offer our employees the security and career development opportunities of global company without losing sight of the needs and potential of the individual.

We offer our employees career development opportunities, space to grow, and respect. In return we expect personal responsibility, performance, and professionalism.

We want to grow sustainably together with our employees and take great care in selecting them. We invest carefully in training and education. Our appreciation is expressed in how we treat each other, in recognizing initiative and performance, in clear feedback, and purposeful promotion.